Murdoch Spy Plot Thickens

You’d think it was a script for a bad “B” movie but apparently it is real life in tabloid London, as details cascade across computer screens and depict the scandal that is enveloping London journalism.  Today the Evening Standard leads with a story that “News of the World” paid 700,000 quid to buy the silence of the head of the footballers association, whose phone was hacked into by investigators hired by the Murdoch-owned paper.

Footballers, Tinsel stars, even a high-powered PR flack are on the Evening Standard’s list of Londoners whose phones were compromised, in a quest for scoops.

The Metropolitan Police are reopening investigations — if the allegations are true, Murdoch’s minions broke numerous laws — and even Gordon Brown has chimed in with a tssk-tssk: “I think this raises questions that are serious and obviously have to be answered.”

The Telegraph elaborates on the wrongdoing: “Journalists…are alleged to have used private investigators to listen in to calls made by people such as former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, model Elle MacPherson and PR executive Max Clifford. Other alleged targets included Mayor of London Boris Johnson, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Nigella Lawson.”

The numbers of possible phone taps now crosses into many thousands, as this scandal tears away Fleet Street’s respectability.


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