Brit Diplomat Snagged in KGB “Honey Pot?”

The Cold War ended a generation ago, but the sexcapades persist.  Witness James Hudson, deputy consul general at Britain’s outpost in Russia’s Ekaterinburg, who finds himself caught in grainy video as he frolicks with a local prostitute in a whorehouse.  A KGB plot?  The Independent says no, Putin’s government wouldn’t bother with this triviality, probably Hudson was just caught by security cameras and somebody (former KGB?) decided to embarrass him and Her Majesty’s Service by releasing the images.  Or maybe there was a stumbling attempt at blackmail that went badly south.

The Russians, in any event, had their fun with the porcine Mr. Hudson.  His exploits were edited down to a 4 minute, 18 second porno highlights fick that has aired on the Internet in Russia.  A shorter version (very tame, if only because the quality is poor) showed up on YouTube.

Mr. Hudson has resigned his diplomatic post.

Hudson’s ex-wife was tracked down by the Sun and is reported saying: “I’m glad I got out when I did – I want nothing to do with what he’s done.”

The Times of London sums it up succintly: diplomats must keep their heads down and trousers up.


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