4 Million Brit IDs for Sale, Now, to Criminals

If you hold a credit card and if you are online, your essential ID info just may be for sale, to criminals, via online ID bazaars.  That’s the upshot of a Times of London investigation: “At least a quarter of a million British bank and credit card accounts have been hacked into by cybercriminals, exposing consumers to huge financial losses. Most of the personal data has been gathered as a result of ‘phishing’ — a process whereby members of the public are duped into handing over their key details, such as user names, passwords and credit card details.”

Guess that twice as many IDs of US residents are for sale — around 8 million.

Says the Times of London: “Individual credit card details have been sold for as little as 30p.”  That’s about a half dollar.

Curiously, Colin Holder, a retired Metropolitan police officer, has been gathering up purloined IDs, into his own database.  Eventually he plans to allow members of the public to check on what info about them has been for sale.

A recent development: the recently dead are coming back to life as identity theft con artists use the ID of the deceased to run scams.


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