Employees Leak Insider Info, Now Officially a Tidal Wave

Here’s the shocking statistic: “14% of 586 U.S. employees admitted they had sent confidential or potentially embarrassing company emails to outsiders,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Social media make it all so very easy.  “Secrets” whispered by top execs are in unathorized tweets literally within minutes of their utterance, and full details of embarrassing corporate actions (a hush-hush round of layoffs, for instance) surface in blogs within the hour, often accompanied by attachments of top-secrets documents.

What’s a company to do?  Many now are scurring for tools to monitor Internet access of Twitter, Facebook, key blogs — but our advice is, forget about it.  With iPhones, Blackberries, and Android phones — often registered to employees private accounts —  there just is no way to do a Big Brother and stop the info spread.  Leaks just are part of today’s corporate fabric.  Accept it, move on.

It’s not as though you have a choice.


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