1984 in London Today

A south London high school now has 100 surveillance cameras and they are watching students, teachers, staff.  Reports the Evening Standard: “[The cameras were] introduced to combat truancy, prevent vandalism, protect teachers from false allegations against them and deter intruders. The cameras also film lessons to monitor staff technique and expose poor teaching.”

The Evening Standard adds that some 100 more UK schools have cameras, although the number of units generally is much lower, in single digits.

The Telegraph further reports that a survey last year found 8 in 10 Britain schools had spy cameras in place and in use.

The Daily Mail says of the south London system that it “watches pupils everywhere.”  Not precisely true because, apparently, bathrooms are unmonitored.  Cameras seem to be in classrooms mainly, with another “40 cameras in corridors, stairwells and outdoor areas.”


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