Amateur 007s — You Too A Snoop?

4 in 10 Brits spend about one full day per month — a solid 24 hours — prowling the Internet for info on work associates, relatives, themselves, says a fresh report from Yasni, a search site.  Per the Belfast Telegraph: “Yasni quizzed 1,412 people asking them how many hours they spent prying online. Around 70% revealed they wasted more than 10 hours per month searching for information on friends, family, enemies, colleagues, former partners and themselves. But a smaller number – 38%, spent a total equalling a whole day each month prying online.”

The Times Online blog offered this snide approbation of Yasni: “yasni looks like the perfect solution for spies and vengeful creeps, especially now that YouTube and Wikipedia have been added to its search base.”  The story’s title is, “how to track down the people you hate.”

In a press release, Andy Barr CCO of Yasni had the following to say:

“These results are staggering and although we are very aware of the public’s growing need to spy online, I find it quite unbelievable that people are willing to waste so much time doing so. We have updated the number of websites used within the Yasni search to include YouTube, Wikipedia and flickr; therefore Yasni provides an even more comprehensive search in the same short time frame.

“For our users, a full search like this would only take a few seconds for each person you are looking for; dramatically lower than those who currently use other sites such as a people search device.

“To us it seems simple; would you rather spend the majority of your evening looking online for your friends or perform a quick search and then actually spend quality time with your friends and family instead? The answer seems obvious to us.”


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